Get a New Ohio Car Insurance Quote

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If you are moving to Ohio from another state, switching your car insurance is a relatively simple process. You will need to start by getting multiple car insurance quotes, both from your current auto insurance provider and from other providers in Ohio. This is an important process because the comparison of different rates will enable you to make the best financial choices.

Get a New Ohio Car Insurance Quote

This is because when you move, your rates could change signifantly. Rates vary from state to state, and even from region to region within the one state of Ohio! Factors such as where you live and how much you will be driving to and from work and other places can have a significant impact on the Ohio car insurance quotes that you will receive.

Get a New Ohio Car Insurance Quote

Take the time to make a list of the circumstances that will be different in your life once you move:

  1. Will you be driving more because your work place will be farther? Or will you be driving less because you will live closer to your new office?
  2. Are you going to be living in a densely populated Ohio city where there are always cars on the streets, or will you be living in a more quiet area where residents don’t drive as much?
  3. Does your current insurance company serve drivers in the state of Ohio, or will you have to search for another insurer?

These and whatever else you can think of should be noted down and discussed.

Next, call your current provider. Your discussion should happen about a month or so before you plan to move so that you can adequately prepare for the transition without any surprises. Provide your new address and talk about how your driving habits may change. Your auto insurance company will either give you a new Ohio car insurance quote, or they will tell you that coverage is not provided in the state because smaller insurance agencies do not provide coverage everywhere in the nation. This means that you will need to change providers when you move.

If your insurer does provide coverage in Ohio, you will receive a quality quote that can be used as a basis of comparison against other quotes. Further research into rates is necessary if you want to find the lowest quote possible for your new situation. Even if the rate provided to you is a good one, you should never disallow yourself the possibility of a great one. Go ahead and review other companies online in order to find multiple Ohio auto insurance quotes. You may be able to find more competitive rates that can lead to savings of up to hundreds of dollars per year!

Give yourself a few weeks to collect these quotes and follow up with further research on the different companies. Besides low rates, other factors, such as a company’s customer service, accessibility to a local office for faster and more personalized service, and the sorts of discounts offered are all important to the overall package of your car insurance.

Other Considerations

Once you are ready to confirm a policy, speak with your current provider to make sure that there will be no penalties for ending your policy early, if you are doing so. Each insurance company has different protocols to follow when it comes to policy cancelation. Usually, though, voluntarily canceling your policy would entitle you to a full refund of your premium, subtracting the amount that you have already paid. However, policies differ, so it’s crucial to read your documents carefully. Some insurance companies tack on early cancellation fees that are taken out of your remaining premium before you are refunded.

When making the switch to your new auto insurance policy, make sure that there will be no gaps in coverage. You must have new insurance that is ready to be activated as soon as you cancel your old policy. Begin your new policy on the same day that your old one is set to end or be canceled. If you have gaps in coverage, you could face fines and penalties — not to mention that you would be leaving yourself vulnerable to losses if you were to be involved in an auto accident.

That definitely wouldn’t be a great way to start life in Ohio! If you are currently in the process of comparing multiple Ohio car insurance quotes, we are here to help! Submit your zip code into our quote finder on the right to begin your comparison of different rates against the one you received from your current insurance provider. You are just steps away from saving!


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