Who would have thought auto insurance could be interesting as well?

Interesting is not a word most people would associate with buying auto insurance in Florida, but then, 27 year old Nicole Vigne is not most people. A self proclaimed “insurance nerd”, Nicole is passionate about keeping up to date with changes in the insurance industry and how those changes will benefit the auto insurance customers she serves, and while it may sound strange to think of a young woman so devoted to current trends in insurance that you find yourself wanting to invest in an insurance policy with her when you already have one, her unbridled enthusiasm for insurance is thoroughly contagious.

Who would have thought auto insurance could be interesting as well?

A career in insurance wasn’t what Nicole had in mind when she started working part time in an insurance office during college, but she soon found that she not only loved the insurance business, she was really good at it. The ability to educate people on their insurance options was rewarding work, largely because most of her clients had no idea they could tailor their insurance needs and save money at the same time. For example, most Florida drivers don’t realize there are niche companies who target their specific age groups, or that insurance is not confined to a blanket policy with no options, but can instead be tailored to a drivers specific needs, what kind of car they drive, if they use a personal vehicle for business purposes, and how far they drive each day in the service of the business they are using the car for in the first place.

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And as an independent agent, Nicole has access to insurance companies of all kinds, including companies that combine auto insurance with homeowners insurance and the benefits (and potential drawbacks) of going with a nationally known insurance company over a smaller, lesser known company (but one that is based in Florida). While some clients feel more comfortable with corporate insurance companies, Nicole prides herself on listening to what her customers need, want and can afford, then tailoring their policy to meet those criteria. Since no two customers are alike, and because many have had bad experiences with insurance companies or claims, Nicole enjoys winning the people of Floridaover by making insurance personal. This is not just a job to her, it’s a vocation, and connecting to her customers in a significant and meaningful way is essential to her success. In fact, Nicole shares her own stories of insurance claims she has had to file and the frustration she has sometimes faced with an insurance company that is little more than a voice on the other end of the phone. She encourages clients with issues or questions to contact her directly to see if it’s possible to get a less expensive policy by changing insurance companies, or if their current rate adjustments are in keeping with industry standards.

What is ultimately so engaging about Nicole’s approach to insurance, is that she cares very deeply about her clients; about saving them money, educating them on changes in their rates or policies, providing them with options and ensuring that they feel she is someone they can approach with their questions or concerns, and they can trust her to give them an honest answer about their coverage so they can make an informed decision about their insurance needs. Now that makes the insurance business a whole lot more interesting right there!


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