Auto Insurance Companies in Ohio

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Every driver wants to find the best insurance company to provide the needed coverage, along with the most savings possible. With every accident, personal and property damages can cost thousands of dollars, and depending on a given driver’s record, insurance coverage premiums can cost a great deal per year. That is why there is a lot at stake for drivers to find a good insurance policy with a great insurance company.

Auto Insurance Companies in Ohio

There are a number of auto insurance companies in Ohio, giving drivers a range of options to make the best choices for their personal driving needs and budget. When considering different companies, it is important not only to compare insurance rates but also things such as consumer complaints and reviews of the companies.

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In order to better guide fellow Ohioans in the search for good insurance rates and great insurance companies, we have gathered a list of insurance companies within the state with their listed complaint to premium ratio, the number of total consumer complaints, and a short history of the companies. A ratio of one indicates that the insurance provider received one complaint for each $1 million premium. Only those companies that recieved at least 10 complaints within a year are present.

List of Auto Insurance Companies in Ohio

Alfa Insurance

Alfa Insurance grew out of the Alabama Farmers Federation and started off as the provider of fire insurance for farmers back in 1946. Since then, the insurance company has extended its reach to life insurance, home insurance, and of course, auto insurance. Currently, Alfa Insurance serves over 1 million customers in 11 different states. In addition to standard coverage, the company offers extra options and features that include emergency road service, loss of income coverage, and loss of use and travel expense coverage.

Alfa Insurance in Ohio

  • Auto Premium: $14,655,296
  • Complaint Ratio: 1.64
  • Total Complaints: 24


Founded in 1931, the Allstate Corporation is comprised of hundreds of thousands of professionals who are all there to serve and protect drivers. Publicly traded, Allstate had a total of $125.6 billion in assets in 2011. Their well-known slogan, “You’re In Good Hands,” assures their customers that they will always be treated with respect and with the utmost care possible. Other than the standard auto insurance coverage, good drivers are rewarded with Your Choice Auto Insurance Options, which include accident forgiveness, safe driving bonuses, deductible rewards, and new car replacements

Allstate Insurance in OHIO

  • Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company
    • Auto Premium: $222,100,982
    • Complaint Ratio: 0.18
    • Total Complaints: 40
  • Allstate Insurance Company
    • Auto Premium: $133,391,765
    • Complaint Ratio:0.28
    • Total Complaints: 37
  • Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company
    • Auto Premium: $74,219,773
    • Complaint Ratio: 0.27
    • Total Complaints: 20

American Family Insurance

Located in 19 different states, American Family Insurance has been reaching out to customers for over 80 years, offering varied services that include home insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and auto insurance. As family members would treat each other, the company makes it their mission to provide care and attention as if you, the customer, were their brother or sister. With their multiple discount, coverage options, and Teen Safe Driver Program, drivers are sure to be satisfied. Drivers can benefit from the company’s local insurance agents, experience, and around-the-clock service.

Auto Insurance Companies in Ohio

  • Auto Premium: $101,972,879
  • Complaint Ratio: 0.38
  • Total Complaints: 39

Cincinnati Insurance Company

The Cincinnati Insurance Company was founded in 1950 by four independent agents who believed that better commitment to the customer can be promised through the independent agency system. Independent agents are the focal point of the company, and building true and lasting relationships is the goal of everyone who works for the Cincinnati Insurance Company. Dedicated to the idea of a strong local presence, representatives work in the same towns of the customers that they serve.

Cincinnati Insurance Company in Ohio

  • Auto Premium: $124,041,204
  • Complaint Ratio: 0.08
  • Total Complaints: 10

ERIE Insurance

ERIE prides itself in their fair pricing standards that have been developed since their 1925 inception in Pennsylvania. From the start, their commitment was to drivers and their cars before branching into the home, business, and life sectors of insurance. Their focus on spectacular customer service leads them to the goal of being there for their customers, whenever a disaster occurs. ERIE policy holders benefit from the ability to customize their insurance policies and numerous discounts.

ERIE Insurance in Ohio

  • Auto Premium: $133,042,127
  • Complaint Ratio: 0.16
  • Total Complaints: 21

Farmers Insurance

Since 1928, Farmers has grown to become one of the most recognizable and largest insurers in the nation. Starting off as an automobile inter-insurance exchange, the company grew and adapted, as their customers did the same through the years.

Farmers Insurance in Ohio

  • Auto Premium: $106,862,585
  • Complaint Ratio: 0.36
  • Total Complaints: 39

First Acceptance Insurance Company Inc

For over 120 years, First Acceptance aims to be the most accessible insurance company for their customers. Specializing in non-standard personal automobile insurance, the company helps to provide protection to those who find it difficult to purchase a traditional insurance plan.

  • Auto Premium: $12,778,616
  • Complaint Ratio: 1.25
  • Total Complaints: 16


GEICO, which stands for Government Employees Insurance Company, started off as an insurance company that targeted U.S. government employees and military personnel. From that base, GEICO has grown to include everyone. Wide-reaching and committed to great service, the company serves over 11 million drivers and currently insures more than 17 million vehicles.

GEICO Insurance in Ohio

  • GEICO Casualty Company
    • Auto Premium: $99,920,199
    • Complaint Ratio: 0.32
    • Total Complaints: 32
  • GEICO General Insurance Company
    • Auto Premium: $64,872,148
    • Complaint Ratio: 0.34
    • Total Complaints: 22

General Auto Insurance Company

Since 1963, The General was been licensing drivers throughout the entire country. With high ratings, the company has become quite well-known in almost any household, especially because The General doesn’t shy away from those drivers who have had histories of driving violations or accidents. If you’re a high-risk driver, The General will be there for you.

General Auto Insurance Company in Ohio

  • Auto Premium: $19,835,562
  • Complaint Ratio: 1.06
  • Total Complaints: 21

Grange Insurance

Located in our own state of Ohio, Grange Insurance boasts of great customer service and excellent ratings. Partnering with independent agents, the company offers a wide range of services in various states.

  • Auto Premium: $254,784,135
  • Complaint Ratio: 0.17
  • Total Complaints: 44

Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company

Liberty Mutual Group has been proudly serving Americans since 1912 and has grown to become the third largest property and casualty insurer in the nation. Whether it be through home, life, or auto insurance, the company is dedicated to providing customers with the best representatives possible.

  • Auto Premium: $71,199,812
  • Complaint Ratio: 0.31
  • Total Complaints: 22

Motorists Mutual Insurance Company

Motorists Mutual was born in our own Ohio in 1928 when a businessman realized that automobiles were increasingly becoming an important part of the American way of life. Though the company serves only a small region of the nation, they pride themselves in their innovative visions and superior problem-solving skills.

  • Auto Premium: $92,434,095
  • Complaint Ratio: 0.15
  • Total Complaints: 14

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide grew out of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, which was dedicated to providing affordable car insurance for Ohioan farmers all the way back in 1925. After a series of expansions, the company changed its name to Nationwide Insurance but kept its standard as a great insurance company.

  • Nationwide Insurance Company of American
    • Auto Premium: $97,923,641
    • Complaint Ratio: 0.20
    • Total Complaints: 20
  • Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company
    • Auto Premium: $50,538,245
    • Complaint Ratio: 0.24
    • Total Complaints: 12
  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
    • Auto Premium: $272,737,685
    • Complaint Ratio: 0.11
    • Total Complaints: 30

Northbrook Indemnity Company

Northbrook Insurance started off in 1978 but has grown rapidly since then and have continued to boast excellent customer satisfaction and great company integrity, professionalism, and stability. Dedicated to providing quality coverage, the company always strives to offer the best services to their customers.

  • Auto Premium: $33,168,081
  • Complaint Ratio: 0.36
  • Total Complaints: 12

Personal Service Insurance Company

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Personal Service Insurance has been serving customers since 1938 and have since then offered a wide range of quality insurance products. With the company, drivers can speak with representatives to customize their coverages that suit their particular needs.

  • Auto Premium: $8,904,912
  • Complaint Ratio: 2.13
  • Total Complaints: 19

SafeAuto Insurance company

Based in Columbus, Ohio and founded in 1993, SafeAuto Insurance has grown to service 16 states in the nation and prides themselves in operating without the middleman. This means that customers can have more direct contact with the company and its representatives whenever they need it. Licensed professionals will always be at the beck and call of their drivers.

  • Auto Premium: $54,836,072
  • Complaint Ratio: 1.04
  • Total Complaints: 57

Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois

For over 85 years, Safeco has seen all there is to see when it comes to car collisions. As a member of Liberty Mutual, the company shares the mission and vision of meeting all of their drivers’ needs at the national level. Customers can enjoy Safeco’s Safety Rewards, which include diminishing deductibles, accident forgiveness, accident prevention course discounts, and teen safety rewards.

  • Auto Premium: $43,797,897
  • Complaint Ratio: 0.23
  • Total Complaints: 10

State Farm Insurance

Known around the nation as the “good neighbor,” State Farm has been there for customers since 1922 when a retired farmer and insurance salesman made it his goal to provide quality insurance for drivers and homeowners. One of the largest companies in the nation, State Farm has always been committed to doing the right thing when it comes to business ethics and their customers. One of the defining programs of the company is its Drive Safe and Save Program, which enables drivers to utilize modern technology, such as OnStar, Sync, and In-Drive to help themselves become safer and smarter in order to save on their insurance.

  • State Farm Fire and Casualty Insurance Company
    • Auto Premium: $64,656,305
    • Complaint Ratio: 0.15
    • Total Complaints: 10
  • State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company
    • Auto Premium: $895,973,003
    • Complaint Ratio: 0.11
    • Total Complaints: 96

USAA Casualty Insurance Company

USAA begin in 1922 out of 25 army officers who got together and insured each other’s vehicles. Since then, their little organization blossomed into the company it is today and provides service to over 8 million people. Servicing members of the military, veterans, and their family members, USAA offers savings, accident forgiveness, multiple discounts, and customizable pay schedules.

  • Auto Premium: $46,818,879
  • Complaint Ratio: 0.26
  • Total Complaints: 12

Victoria Specialty Insurance Company

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Victoria Insurance began its Nonstandard Automobile Insurance Division in 1985 and served those who needed nonstandard insurance. In 2003, Victoria was subsumed by the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. However, it remains dedicated to offering competitive rates, low down payments, and customizable billing options for higher-risk drivers.

  • Auto Premium: $39,899,469
  • Complaint Ratio: 0.38
  • Total Complaints: 15

Westfield Insurance Company

One of the largest companies in Ohio that isn’t publicly traded, Westfield Insurance is committed to building the kind of relationship that customers need in order to feel protected, heard, and respected. Their personal automobile policy includes roadside assistance, loan and lease coverage, extended non-owned liability, and electronic equipment coverage.

  • Auto Premium: $31,296,636
  • Complaint Ratio: 0.32
  • Total Complaints: 10

It is important to consider several companies to get quotes on a new policy before making a final decision because the rates that you receive from each company can very widely, and the difference can mean big savings.

When getting a quote from one of the car insurance companies in Ohio, be sure that you are comparing the same coverage limits. Premiums can change dramatically, depending on whether you increase your limits or increase or decrease your deductibles.

However, no matter what limits or deductibles you end up choosing, you must always be sure to carry at least the minimum coverage required by the state on any policy. If you haven’t, you should also consider carrying additional uninsured motorist coverage to protect yourself in case of an accident with a driver who carries no or inadequate insurance to cover the full extent of the damages.

If you’re looking to compare car insurance quotes between the companies listed above and more, simply put your zip code in our quote finder to the right as a first step! Once you have a list of rates that are favorable to you, research further into the companies to find the perfect fit.


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